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Past Community Events:



 2012 Feeding Families for the Holiday Season:

Good News Ministries feeding families for the Thanksgiving Holiday Season was a total success. We give God the glory! We were able to make a difference in feeding selected families that were of low income in the Arden area. We thank God for the privileged! Many thanks to all that participated and a big thanks to all our partners!




2012 The Joy of Giving Christmas Event:

We are very pleased to announce that our "Joy of Giving" Christmas event was a total and complete success just as the Lord had ordered it. We had 40 people including children and we gave away 100 plus toys. But the most important thing that we are rejoicing about at Good News Ministries is the awesome fact that the Holy Spirit was very much at work drawing ALL FORTY PEOPLE including children to Jesus. Yes, ALL FORTY PEOPLE including children gave their hearts to Jesus and they walked out of the ministry SAVED. They received the GREATEST gift of all.